Thursday, February 28, 2013

Normal Happenings

Sometimes when things move along without any major disruptions or happenings, I don't think to make a post here. Or perhaps I haven't had as many pictures to share. In any case, here we are now!

The kids still enjoy dressing up fancy and putting on all sorts of shows at home.

Not all the shows are at home: Julia was in the Westside Musical again this year. She got to pose with her grandparents after the Friday night show.

Julia and I went to a Daddy-Daughter dance and we both had a fun night dancing and just hanging out together.

Julia still read, read, reads! And apparently the dog likes to hang out near her while she's doing it. Finn the Kindergartener is also picking up quickly on the same wordly talent his sister has. It's exciting to watch it happen!

The kids had fun attending their first professional lacrosse game when we went to see the Minnesota Swarm play. We had received tickets from a great organization called HopeKids.

Upcoming plans for the Kauth family: Spring time and looking forward to a California vacation this summer.

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Doreen Lenz Holte said...

What a beautiful family you have!! It's always fun to get your updates...