Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Trip to the Zoo

Last weekend we went to the Minnesota Zoo. It was one of the first warm weekends of the end of the winter, so the zoo was very busy. We decided to go outside and go through the zoo's newest exhibit, Russia's Grizzly Coast. We figured it would soon be mobbed in there too, but were surprised that it was nearly empty. Apparently the 35 degree temperatures were cool enough to keep people inside that morning. It was really nice having it nearly to ourselves.

At the entrance to the exhibit, Julia pretended to kiss the baby bear statue.

The kids got to see the bears very close up.

Mandy and Finn sat and watched the sea otters play in the water.

Finn and I posed while trying to find the tiger down below us.

Julia climbed aboard a tortoise statue at the start of the indoor Tropics Trail.

Finn was a big fan of the sun bear, maybe because it was much closer to his size.

The three peak over the railing at the flamingos down below.

When we got home, we were all pretty tired. Mandy and Finn snuggled up and fell right asleep on the couch.

Stay tuned! Julia has a friend over this weekend - there should be some good pictures of the two of them!