Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Grass Can Handle it, but Maybe not the Neighbors

Tuesday was Julia's second to last chemo appointment. It all went fine but she was pretty wiped out by the end of the day. Wednesday morning she was feeling pretty nauseous (the anti-nausea patch behind her ear and the other anti-nausea drug she takes via g-tube weren't cutting it) and tired, so I stayed home with her. She was feeling significantly better that afternoon and she made it to her physical therapy appointment in town. Finn goes along to Julia's PT appointments and he enjoys doing all the little exercises they her have doing.

Speaking of her legs - she's transitioned yet again and is now wearing her braces a little less. She started out wearing them 23 hours a day and then a few weeks ago she got to have them off for a few hours in the evenings. Now she gets to leave them home from school and wear them during the evenings and overnight. This morning was her first time since getting them that she didn't wear them to school. She said, with a big smile on her face, "it feels like I'm walking on clouds!"

This morning she was feeling good and looked great. Julia was still feeling really great after school so we headed to Hudson to eat at her favorite place, the Winzer Stube (voted the 9th best German restaurant in the country!).

Final chemo is scheduled for June 13th. Scans to give the "all clear" (we hope!) will be about two weeks after that.

Finn sometimes gives us a run for our money. Several times over the past month we've found out that he has peed in the backyard. Now, I know I peed outside all the time while I was growing up, BUT, I lived in the country. We live in a newish neighborhood which means no mature trees or shrubs to block the view of the neighbors or the road. And to top it off, he still drops his pants to his ankles to pee. So consider this my apology to the world if any little, bright white rears are seen while in the vicinity of our house.

I didn't have any new decent pictures so I thought I would dig around for an old one. This is from four years ago, May of 2007, on the deck of our old place.