Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Jon and Ginny's Wedding

Amanda's brother Jon got married this past weekend. Ginny has been like an Aunt to the kids for years and now I'm glad it's official!

Finn was one of the two ring bearers. Him and his cohort passed the time before the ceremony playing with cars in the pews.

Julia was the flower girl and she looked very lovely in her silver dress and matching cap.

After the ceremony, Julia and Finn killed some time playing DS while waiting for the receiving line to die down. Finn's been wearing his clip-on tie and "official ring bearer" badge everywhere since the wedding.

At the reception, Finn and Amanda's cousin Zach went head to head over who had the better hair cut. I think it was a draw.

Unsurprisingly, Finn found time to goof around with Great-Grandpa Ronnie.

The kids had a blast dancing, although it wasn't always easy to get a decent picture of them in action.

A couple of other special notes to make about the reception festivities: Julia, accompanied by her mother and Great-Aunt Cheryl, sang a rendition of Rainbow Connection for the entire group of assembled friends and family. Instead of clinking glasses to make the bride and groom kiss, they opted to request a donation in remembrance of their friends and family who have died of cancer or are fighting it. The money collected is going to be donated to Minneapolis Children's Hospital. It was a really thoughtful idea and fun because the bigger the donation, the more elaborate the kiss!

The wedding was a ton of fun, but it was tough to get back onto our regularly scheduled week. Our evenings this week have been filled with one thing or another - so it's been hectic. One event tonight was Julia getting blood work done. Her counts are still pretty decent so she should be good to go for her week-long hospital stay starting on Monday, March 21st. She's still been eating great too. We're going to ask the doctor about cutting out the appetite stimulant - if she can keep up the eating, one less drug in her body sounds like a good idea.