Saturday, December 8, 2007

Crawling? We show the video, you decide.

For at least a month now, Finn has been pushing himself up on all fours. He then starts to rock back and forth like he's getting ready to start crawling. But instead of crawling, he usually just lays flat and pulls himself around on his belly using his arms. He's also gotten quite adept at sitting himself up from various positions. Below is a video where he may be taking some of his first "crawling steps" - you be the judge. Also, there's a quick shot of Julia at the table in her Snow White dress and having a snack.

Click here for a link to the video.

Julia's been doing great too. Sometimes though, a few minutes after being put to bed, she'll fuss and complain about her legs hurting. We're not quite sure if it's a way to get attention or if she's got a case of The Seavers. Otherwise, she's enjoying pre-school and her daycare friends and she really likes seeing Christmas decorations. Here she is after her dance recital hugging a snowman decoration that she saw.