Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011

We started Christmas a little early at our house this year. Because we traveled over the actual holiday, we wanted to give the kids our own Christmas before the rush of the relatives started (Nothing negative aimed at hangin' with the relatives! That was enjoyable too, just very busy.). So Santa came to our house on Friday and then we left town to head to Central WI on Saturday. It wasn't quite as smooth as that though - our original plan was to leave Friday, but Amanda was sick so we pushed it back til the next day. Then, as we were loading the car, Skippy peed on the driver's seat. And on the way out of town we had a tire issue. But we made it there and back again and had a great time!

Now here it is with some pictures added in...

The kids made gingerbread houses and cookies so that they could leave decorations out for Santa.

Finn checking out the little tree in the kitchen. Julia gets mad and says,
"I keep finding ornaments hanging off of other ornaments and I just KNOW that Finn did it and he shouldn't!"
I suspect he's getting ready to do such a thing in this picture.

Julia wrote Santa a letter while Finn posed with his house.

The Kauth Family Christmas morning a few days early.

Julia tried out some new stencils amidst the chaos of the living room, post present opening.

Finn ate his gingerbread house for breakfast that morning. And continued munching on it days later.

The kids enjoyed the newly arranged downstairs at Grandma Beth and Grandpa Duane's house.

My Grandma Laverne always has a huge spread of Christmas cookies and sweets. On Christmas Eve, Julia and her Grandpa Dayton sat for quite awhile sampling and re-sampling.

Finn had some assistance from two pups while opening presents on Christmas morning at Grandma Beth and Grandpa Duane's.

The kids posed next to the tree at (Great) Aunt Cheryl's house for the family gathering there, later on Christmas day.

Julia and Aunt Ginny tried out a new game before the kids headed to bed.

Back at home in River Falls, Julia tried out a new crafting experience - making beaded bracelets.

Finn was excited to try out his new drum set. Julia is excited for him to start taking lessons (which is not even being seriously planned (yet)) so that she will have the makings of a band.

A year ago at this time, Julia was in the hospital for her first of four, week-long inpatient chemo extravaganzas. We're glad to be at the point we're at now. Julia had her second three-month scans this morning (so she's now six months out from the end of her treatment). Everything was clear and lookin' good! She had her last followup PT appointment to finish up a study she was a part of too.