Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thank You

Amanda and I wanted to say thank you. We've said it when we could, but overall, phone calls aren't always returned and many emails have gone unreplied. It's sometimes a choice between sleep or emails, between sitting down for awhile in silence or making a phone call. I sometimes feel bad about that, but I know it's ok and that people aren't expecting prompt responses.

It's easy to forget how many people are connected to you, even if only marginally. Mid-October, Julia was sitting comfortably in her web, happy and seemingly healthy. Then life took hold of the strand tied to her health and gave it a yank. It was jarring at first and it hurt, her physically and us emotionally. Her because it was her strand and us because our web is ever so tied to hers. But then something interesting happened. When Julia's thread snapped back, unbroken but reverberating violently, the vibrations flew outward in every direction. First these ripples encountered family and close friends, then outward to many groups of people: the staff at Children's Hospital, my coworkers at UWRF, Amanda's coworkers and students at Oltman Middle School, the staff at Westside Elementary and Julia's classmates, Rocky Branch Elementary, St. Bridget's and other churches, the RF Moms' and Dads' group, our daycare family, our neighbors, and others only connected to us by the thinnest of silky threads but with enough of a connection where they heard and were touched by Julia's cancer diagnosis. Amanda and I were amazed and continue to be amazed at how far out a six-year-old's little web could reach and how those connections could mean so much to us.

A lot of people have offered help and we haven't had the opportunity to be able to accept much of it. In theses first few weeks we just don't know what we need. Radiation will soon be done and we should be able to settle into a more normal routine. After that we should have a better idea of the areas of our life that are missing attention. So one request I have is that anyone who has expressed interest in helping out in some way and still wants to do so later, should ask us again in three weeks or six weeks or a few months. And if we tell you that we're doing fine and don't need anything, try to believe that it's the truth and not because we're too proud to accept the help (and we'll try to accept the help that we need!).

A lot of people have asked about giving us meals to ease that portion of our daily lives. Some kind folks set up an online place for people to go to sign up for a time to bring us something. I know that the link has been spread around through some circles but not everywhere yet, so I thought I would share it here:

Your continued positive thoughts are appreciated, your prayers are welcomed, and your gracious offers of help will be accepted if needed and forever acknowledged if not.