Sunday, March 13, 2011

Skippy's Birthday

Our baby isn't a baby anymore! Skippy turned one today and boy did we have special plans for her!

Amanda is recovering from a nasty bout of strep throat (here's to hoping none of the rest of us get it) so we took it easy this morning. Then after we finally got around to having lunch, we all hopped into the car and took off.

We drove to the Kinnickinnic and walked the path along the river and fed the ducks, geese, and swans. Skippy liked the car ride and the walk, but the birds were a bit overwhelming for her. She just sat in Amanda's arms and shook.

On the way back to the car, Skippy found a chunk of walnut that barely fit in her mouth, but she was resolved to carry it back the entire way.

Finn found a large chunk of snow that he carried all the way back to where we started so he could drop it off the bridge.

Back in the car, we next went to the grocery store to get Skippy her first can of soft dog food. Her and I sat in the car while the other three went in to get it. Skippy barked at people if they came too close to the car. She wasn't very comfortable there either.

After that we went and got gas in the car and got a car wash. The kids enjoy riding along for car washes, so we thought the dog might too. Nope. That was the worst shaking of her birthday festivities.

We made up for it at home. She got a bath (which she doesn't mind) and then she got to sample the stew-like dog food we got for her and loved it.

Now we're all sitting around watching the Broadway production of Peter Pan. Skippy got brushed and is dozing. Finn is stacking pillows and blankets to make a "machine", like he's fond of doing.

Amanda and the kids are on Spring Break this week. Yes, UWRF has Spring Break this week too, but unlike some people think, university staff don't have off. Julia has still been feeling quite well. She's got just over a week until her five-day hospital stay. We're going to figure something out to slow down Julia's hunger - either ween her off the appetite stimulant or cut back on the night feedings. We would prefer cutting out the stimulant to make it one less drug carousing through her system.

And a big "thank you" to the kids' Grandma Beth and Amanda's cousin Alexis helping out with Julia and Finn and doing some cleaning last week.