Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Missing Month

I had been doing pretty well getting a blog post made each month. Well November slipped by as time is wont to do, but here I am, a blog-less month behind me, but with pictures to share.

While the warm weather stuck around, Julia and I went hiking a few different places along the St. Croix River.

The lengthening shadows provided an opportunity for a fun pose.

More cousin time is always nice!

And when there's cousin time, aunt/niece time is sure to follow.

Julia finds any nook or cranny to read in. Skippy finds any warm blanket or warm body to snuggle up with.

Finn built a boat and raced it for Cub Scouts. It was powered by his own hot air!

The heavy snow that dumped on us provided hours of shoveling for me and numerous winter-time activities for the kids. They took turns pulling each other in the sled. Finn got the better ride; it was a bit tough for him to pull Julia, though he certainly tried.

Julia was quite pleased with her snowman she built. His name was Blizzard, or Blizzy for short. He lasted until it warmed up and rained on him.

Pre-recital, Julia first showed off her new dress...

...before showing off her picking skills. She played "Candle on the Water," accompanied by her guitar instructor.

Finn said he enjoyed washing dishes. I didn't argue with him.

Shirt-less five-year-old under the tree!

A winter morning among siblings: comics and breakfast sandwiches.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

New Cousin, Trip to Chicago

Well not just a new cousin, but Julia and Finn's first cousin and Amanda and Torey's first niece! Johannah Mae was born in August, but this was our first opportunity to get to meet her.

The kids did a fake trumpeting to declare us being on our way to Chicago. It's not a short drive, but we made good time and no one got sick (Finn's had a few poorly timed car sickness episodes at the end of long journeys in the past. The Finncident comes to mind...)

We got situated at Jason and Tracie's house and immediately (obviously) people had to take their turns holding Johannah. Julia kept warning Amanda that if she didn't share the baby we would have to set a timer. I think she shared just fine.

Yes, that's Finn in the dog's crate in the background. Julia enjoyed chatting with her cousin. She told her stories and it seemed to keep Johannah calm.

Finn did really well with the baby too.

And we for sure needed to get a good picture of the three kids together!

We stayed in that evening and ordered deep dish pizza (of course!)

Finn had a lot of fun helping Johannah with different things. He tried all the different musical and swinging settings on her swing while she contentedly watched him.

He picked out her outfit the next morning too.

And before we headed out for an afternoon in the city, Julia got some more one-on-one time with her cousin.

The 10 minute walk from their house to the train is a pleasant one, despite this particular day being chilly and overcast. The kids enjoyed seeing the "castles" along the way.

It was Johannah's first ride on the 'L,' but not the kids'. That doesn't mean they weren't excited to be above the street and waiting for the train to arrive.

We walked the last fifteen minutes towards Lake Michigan and then spent the afternoon at the Field Museum. The kids each posed beneath the Brachiosaurus outside.



Julia and I posed in front of a Stegosaurus.

I really like this picture: Julia and Finn in the lower left, totem pole outside the Field Museum, ominous clouds hanging low in the sky, heavy traffic on Lake Shore Drive in front of the Chicago skyline, boats on the water, and the Navy Pier Ferris wheel.

The next morning we headed back into Wisconsin, but not all the way home. We had a night stop-over in the Dells and stayed at the Kalahari. It was a pleasant way to finish a family-filled four-day weekend.

Saturday, September 15, 2012