Thursday, January 13, 2011

No Matter the Outcome on Saturday...

While walking the last few blocks til I got home, I could see Julia's bright teal winter coat moving back and forth over the driveway. A few more steps and I noticed Amanda's darker coat was doing the same thing - shoveling, I realized. Julia had the little red plastic shovel and Amanda the big metal one. Julia was cleaning up the lines from my wife's pushes. I was almost to the driveway when I finally noticed Finn up on the deck, pushing snow around with the other little shovel. I took Amanda's place and she went in the house to throw together some supper. The snow was fluffy and light, but I was happy that a third of the driveway was already finished. The kids gave up on assisting and switched to snow angels and sliding down the snow piles. I finished the shoveling and then we went in to eat.

Julia had to eat fast because she had an appointment to get her blood drawn at the clinic. Good blood counts: five days of in-patient chemo starting Monday. Bad blood counts: more testing early next week to see if they can let her get her treatment. We should find out the results Friday.

While Julia was picking at her waffles, eggs, sausages, and kiwi, Amanda said that a UPS truck was parked outside. A few minutes later there was a tap on the door and when I opened it, a box was sitting there. I glanced at the name and announced that it was addressed to Julia Kauth. I also noticed that the packaging tape holding it shut was imprinted with the Green Bay Packers "G".

Julia started to get up to open it but was promptly told that it would have to wait until after her appointment - it was time to leave. It was then that I noticed the return address: Green Bay Packers. I told Julia and she gave me a funny look and then asked if she could have some garbanzo beans. The beans and the box had to wait until they got home.

Finn and I finished eating and cleaned up while the ladies ran to the clinic. I was getting pretty anxious to see what was in box and had come to the conclusion that my father-in-law must have had something to do with this.

The appointment was over with quickly and as soon as Julia's boots and coat were off I suggested she check out her package. She opened it up to find a very nice card and a treasure trove of Packers items. When Finn saw the football, he said, "Oh, a Packers soccer ball!"

Amanda called her parents to confirm my suspicions and Julia told them about what she got. Many thanks, Duane, for a thoughtful gift.

You might not think a six-year-old girl would care that much about football gear, but she sat quietly looking at the items for several minutes before saying that she would have to watch the whole game this weekend. The thoughtfulness was not lost on her. Unfortunately I had to tell her that the Packers are playing late Saturday night and she wouldn't get to stay up to watch the whole game.

I've always been a Packers fan and proud of the small-town feel the team portrays. No matter the outcome of the game on Saturday, it's nice to know our home team will take time to make such a meaningful gesture and is such a classy organization.