Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Clear Scans

The scans were clear! So that's obviously good. We're free of those until the start of the new year. And since they looked good, Julia got to have her Mic-key button taken out. For those of you not paying full attention (you're forgiven), that was the little device that gave us access to her stomach. It was put in as a G-tube late winter for us to give her feedings and later trimmed down to the button but kept so we could give her any meds she needed.

She said she didn't want it removed. I think it was part not wanting to have to take any meds orally and part because it sounded scary taking it out. To remove it, a nurse just deflated the balloon holding the button in place on the inside, slid it out, and covered the hole with gauze and tape. It was really weird just having an open hole in her abdomen with just a piece of tape over it. At home we had to change the gauze a few times a day and now, two days later, there's no discharge and it appears to be sealed. It looks kind of like a small bellybutton.

When I was changing the gauze this morning, Julia was gracious enough to let me snap some pics of The Hole, as we're referring to it.
Also notice the nice looking scar on the right side of her belly! I didn't want to force anyone, so for a closer-up shot, click here.

After a shower tonight, Amanda helped Julia style her hair. Her fauxhawk was awesomely cute!