Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Lovers, the Dreamers, and Me

Over the past few months, multiple people have asked us about leaving comments on the blog, so I thought I would mention it briefly. After clicking to post a comment or to view the comments, one of four choices needs to be made as to how your comment will be signed. There is an option to use a Google account or one of several other accounts, but the bottom two ways work without logging into anything. If you select the option Name/URL, you can type your name to be added with your quote. If you select the option Anonymous, then no name will be left (although you could put your name in the body of the comment if you wish). You may be asked to type in a word to ensure that you're not a robot trying to pass yourself off as human in a daring plot to take over the world.

Julia was able to go to school for almost a full day today. If she's feeling well tomorrow, she'll repeat the feat

This evening we headed to the River Falls clinic for Julia to get a pre-op physical and to get blood drawn for blood counts. She's scheduled to have surgery to have a G-tube put in place on Monday. The surgery is dependent on having high enough blood counts, but it seems like hers will be fine. The plan is that she'll have the surgery Monday, get chemo and give the new tube a go on Tuesday, and then come home on Wednesday.

Since the Fall, Julia has been involved preliminarily in the Westside Elementary School Musical. As soon as she found out that she was going to be part of the song Rainbow Connection, she started singing it constantly. I recorded this video a few months ago and then later played around with it.