Wednesday, March 25, 2015


"La la la la! I love to sing! Nothing could go wrooooooong!"

"Juliaaaaaa! Look out behind you!"

"Peace, Finn. Nothing bad could happen."

There was an optional science fair at Westside and Finn decided to participate. His experiment was to understand why raisins sink and float in pop and if grapes will do the same thing. First things need to be set up.

Then data must be collected.

And if you get thirsty, you can always take a sip of your experiment.

The night of the science fair, each kid set up their results and had to explain their work to the judges and other interested parties.

Finn explained to a judge that the bubbles from the carbonated beverage stick to the raisin causing them to rise to the top of the glass. At the top, the bubbles pop and the raisin sinks back down. This repeats as long as carbonation remains. Finn's hypothesis was that grapes would not have the same thing happen because their skin is smooth, unlike the wrinkly raisin's skin, and so the bubbles wouldn't have anywhere to hand on to. His hypothesis was wrong because the grapes rose and sunk with bubbles as well. SCIENCE!

Finn chatted procedures (I'm sure) with one of his classmates.

March started out with snow, but ended with bare ground. Julia looked good in shades while picking up Skippy's winter waste.

The bare ground very evident while Julia and I went on our go-to, close-to-home hike to Foster cemetery and the Kinni.