Saturday, March 19, 2011

Finn the Great

He sometimes gets overlooked on the blog, but Finn seldom lets us overlook him at home. He's fond of watching Scooby Doo and eating anything sweet. Finn's been anxious to get back to outside playing. He started to take care of that a little bit - we took a walk earlier today and Finn wouldn't stop running.

Finn loves Skippy and because of that, he frequently gets scolded for being a little too playful with her. He insists she wants to be hugged at all times and that he IS being gentle with her, even when it looks like he's trying to ride her like a horse.

As a parent you gotta have some backup ammo to use when the kids are older. And sometimes it's fun to let a little of that go when they're still young. Below is a little bit of that.

And yeah, even a Finn-centered blog post will have to share some space with a Julia update. She's still doing great right now. This coming Mon-Fri she'll be in the hospital getting chemo'd. From here on out the treatment schedule is generally a day of triple-chemo, then a few weeks off, with one more week-long stay in the beginning of May. We're glad Spring is here and we're very much looking forward to June when all of this should be wrapping up.