Monday, November 23, 2009

That Little Stinker!

The kids had their dance recitals tonight and they did an excellent job on stage!

Finn has us absolutely SHOCKED! This was Finn's first recital and he is in the First Steps dance class through River Falls Parks & Rec. He got up on stage and did all of his dances like a pro. By watching him on stage, you wouldn't believe I was telling the truth when I say that he refused to go on stage for rehearsal and for the majority of the dance classes, Torey or I had to be out there dancing with him. Nice.

As always, Julia was a beautiful princess dancing on stage with her Let's Dance 2 class. She chose to wear the rainbow tutu she bought in Oregon over the summer. She looked lovely!

My favorite part of the recitals is seeing the kids up on stage with the biggest smiles ever on their faces. It definitely helps a person to let go of the stress of their day and relax in the presence of the simple pleasures in a child's life.


Thank you, Miss Jennifer! We are grateful for your dedication to the children of River Falls. You bring happiness to these families each and every week.