Saturday, April 19, 2014

Short Hair, Big Moments

Many months ago, three ladies decided to embark on a journey together. The journey was more of a waiting game, and they were playing it at the same time. Julia had the idea to grow her hair long enough to donate to be made into wigs for kids with cancer. Her mom and grandma joined in too and so they all began letting their hair grow to at least ten inches.

In some ways the journey started over three years ago. In December of 2010, Julia's hair was starting to fall out. She decided to get it cut short so that her transition from hair to completely bald over the next few months wouldn't be so drastic. Julia got her hair cut into a cute little 'do.

Julia's hair did eventually all fall out, but like hair is known to do, it grew back. Sometime while the growing was occurring, Julia thought about letting it grow long enough to cut and donate. The next two older generations decided it was a good idea too and so the three - child, mother, grandmother - started down the road of waiting for their hair to be long enough.

Well, the day finally came. Grandparents made the drive to River Falls. A stylist was called. The newspaper was alerted (why not?). Julia, Amanda, and Beth were more than ready to have short hair.

It seemed very much like a coming together of past events, a convergence of storylines. The same person who donated her time and expertise to help Julia feel better about her hair loss three years earlier was again volunteering to help us with this next chapter. And the reporter from the River Falls Journal was familiar with Julia's story already; she had written about Julia before.

Amanda and Julia posed for a before shot from behind.

Julia's smile wasn't forced at all. She was very much looking forward to NOT having to take so long brushing her hair multiple times a day.

The three of them talked through short haircut options with the hair stylist, Raine.

The actual cutting of the ponytailed hair was a little strange. It almost seemed like a body part being lopped off.

While getting the rest of her hair touched up, Julia was asked questions by Gretta, the reporter from the newspaper.

I think she enjoyed the sudden feeling of nothing hanging from the back of her head anymore.

Even before the cut, Julia said she would have to wear more scarves to keep her neck warm.

Up next was Amanda and then her mom, Beth.

All three ponytails - ready to be shipped off to Locks of Love.

Of course we needed to see a back and front shot of the finished products! For another before and after, click here.

I'm curious to see if Julia will start thinking about growing her hair out again soon. My guess is that she'll wait awhile and just enjoy her new look first.