Monday, April 25, 2011

The Naked Princess

Maybe she wants a little sister. Maybe she feels closer to him because their hair styles are more similar than they've even been. Maybe she is prescient and knows what power these pictures will have over her brother when he's older. Maybe he just does it to be nice to his big sister. Whatever the reason, when those two get going, hilarity may very well ensue.

Julia informed Amanda and me that she and Finn were going to do a talent show and we were not allowed down stairs because they were setting up. Awhile later, she announced that all was ready and we could now come down to Finn's room to attend the show. We were greeted at his door with Julia blocking the way. She was fancied up in a dress and had glittery makeup smeared on her face and arms. She then escorted us into Finn's room to a sitting area next to the rest of the blanket-covered floor. Finn was decked out in a tutu and silly hat, as evidenced below. We found it very funny, but it was only the beginning.

The show was a hit and soon over with. While we went back upstairs, the siblings sidled into Julia's room and closed the door. At one point, Julia came out into the family room to retrieve a necessary prop for whatever they were up to. When Amanda walked to Finn's room to put clothes away, Julia told her, "Don't go in my room! There's a naked princess!"

Not too long after that, Amanda and I were in the office together when Julia and Finn paraded themselves up the stairs to show off their looks. They repeated this several times, each time with Finn wearing old dresses and accessories of Julia's that no longer fit her very well. He was soon hamming it up and putting on quite the show. As seen in the third picture, Julia seemed quite proud of herself.

They still weren't done. Next was the fashion show. They set up a little blanketed runway in the family room along with a sitting area for the audience. Amanda and I took our seats with Finn waiting out front and Julia behind us. She told Finn to "Go!", then she hit the auto-play button for the pre-recorded songs on the keyboard, and then joined him for some twisting and butt shaking. Julia did a lot of instructing to her younger brother. I'm not sure where she got so much knowledge about "proper" catwalk etiquette, but she had no problem in doling out the advice. He did get to end with a look of his own: his favorite dinosaur costume.

Through this all, when Julia gave Finn an instruction, he would respond with, "Yes, your majesty." I assure you though, he does not respond that way to his parents. And in fairness, Julia claimed that she referred to him as "your highness."