Friday, May 13, 2011

The Forgotten Picture

I was going through our pictures and realized that I missed this one from the sequence of family shots that I posted.

Julia's doing pretty well. She went to school everyday this week, which I think it's pretty awesome considering she spent the entire week before in the hospital. Her blood counts are a bit low right now, but that's expected and she's getting the daily injections to give the WBC's a boost.

Along with the blood counts, they did a urine test and found a trace of blood again. It's kind of frustrating and it makes me a bit paranoid, considering she's had a big ol' tumor upstream from the bladder. But from what our oncologist told us and from some reading I've done online, it's not abnormal for some people to have small traces of blood in their urine.

I better go check on the kids... Julia is frantically telling Finn, "No, keep your underwear on!" I'm going to choose to NOT bring the camera this time.