Monday, January 30, 2012

Dear January

Hey, Jan, how the heck are you? Can I call you Jan? "January" seems so formal, and seeing as we're such old friends, I figured we could cut the formalities. After all, I was born during your reign. Speaking of precipitation, what's with the lack of snow? And the absurdly warm temperatures? Are you trying out for Summer? Don't hold your breath; summertime already has two J's. And while you can make the claim of "First!!1!", you can't even begin passing yourself off as a warm-weather guy.

Though you've dropped some snow recently, the kids found time earlier to play some soccer on the brown grass.

And when your true season peaks out from behind the clouds, the kids will find enough to do indoors too.

So, Jan, when your shortened brother comes around in a few days, I'll give him your best. And I think he's grown this year! You guys always seem to miss each other somehow - such is the life of a one-twelfth-er, huh?