Sunday, February 28, 2010

February, 2010

Family shot, with Finn still recovering from his nap.

For my birthday we broke out the fine dishes and thankfully none actually broke. If you look closely at the cake you might be able to figure out Mandy's clever way of showing my age.

The kids got some special Valentine's Day treats. Finn shows them off while Julia phones to give a thanks.

Julia posing in pink with a homemade snowflake.

A red-cheeked Finn takes it upon himself to get his own snack. He could do worse than pretzels.

Julia shows people what a real tea party looks like.

Plenty of options for dress up can lead to some interesting costumes.

Julia plays some PBS Kids games online on our new office desk.

Finn and Mandy baked some really big monster cookies.

We all enjoyed the warming weather with a nice walk along the river.

Sometimes we all need a little snuggle time.