Thursday, December 2, 2010

School Visit

On Wednesday, the Child Life Specialist, Jodi, came to Julia's class to talk to the kids about everything that has been going on over the past month. Besides going over the things Julia has gone through and showing pictures, an emphasis was made on certain fact that first-graders might wonder about or benefit from hearing. One such fact is that cancer is not contagious. Children are taught from an early age that you can catch a cold or other illnesses from other people, so it's a natural inclination to shy away from someone who is sick. Another point that was made was that the kids in her class now know more about the things Julia has gone through and will be going through and that makes all of them advocates for her to other kids who might not know as much.

Julia did a great job of being up in front of the class and answering some questions posed to her.

Julia got to walk around the class and show off some of things she's gotten to help her along the way.

Finn even helped his big sister pass out the hospital kits that each student got to keep.

Here's a group shot at the end with Jodi and all the kids wearing their new gear.