Thursday, June 25, 2009

June Point Two

Shall we start out with a family shot? This particular one was taken at Glen Park after Julia's post-preschool gathering.

My parents and my grandma came to visit. My dad is reading a book to the kids. After that, his mom is posting her great-grandchildren on the steps.

Julia is already full force into summertime activities, much to the chagrin of our neatly trimmed schedules. She just finished up her two week swimming lessons. For a kid who doesn't like putting her face in the water, she did really well.

She decided to give soccer a try this summer and forgo gymnastics. She's had two so far and still has six more practices, each Monday. She's wearing an orange shirt and black shorts in the below pictures.

For a grand finale, let's end with a string of Julia and Finn pics!
Here is the duo at Teddy Bear Park.

I've been trying to teach Julia to salute me when she sees me. She's learned quickly, unlike her brother.

Finn watching his big sister get on the bus for preschool one last time.

The kids enjoying a nice downpour.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


All of the posts I made in May somehow vanished. The only alternative explanation would be that I never made any...and we know THAT couldn't be!

For the sake of brevity (fine, laziness), I'm going to put all the picture descriptions right here and you can just match them up to the corresponding pictures. Fun, right?

Mandy and the kids at Finn's birthday party at (Great) Grandma Laverne's house. Finn always made this really goofy face when people sang him "Happy Birthday". The two balloons that Finn picked out for his birthday. Finn's new trike. Four pictures of the kids playing at a park while staying at my parent's house for a few days. Julia painting flowers onto bee boxes for my dad. The kids lounging in a chair, smiling but mere moments away from squabbling. Finn wearing a sun hat and Julia wearing one that's several sizes too small. Julia holding and instantly falling in love with (Great) Grandma Ruth's new puppy.