Monday, May 5, 2014

Roadtrip: a Wedding, a Baby, a Birthday

Our first stop on our long weekend getaway was Madison for my aunt's wedding. We got into our hotel and changed clothes. Finn always finds ways to squeeze in some Lego time.

The kids helped out at the wedding by handing out glow bracelets. That, of course, meant they had a great supply for themselves. While being handcuffed with a glowing chain, Finn made his famous sad face.

Julia's red cheeks and sweaty hair indicates she had a good time! We all had a wonderful evening and it was great to see family again.

The next morning, before we headed to Chicago for the second leg of our trip, we stopped at the capitol building since we were in the capital already. Julia was excited because the week prior, she had gone on a field trip to St. Paul to visit the Minnesota capitol building.

We all enjoyed exploring the expansive building.

Once in Chicago, everyone made sure to get their turn holding the new baby, Claire. Amanda and I were excited to see our second niece.

The kids were happy to now have twice as many cousins!

The pictures reminded me of another time, about a year and a half ago.

It was also Finn's seventh birthday while we were visiting. We had stopped at a Lego store on the way into the city and he used some of his birthday money (Ok, ALL of his birthday money) to pick out some sets. He blew out all the candles on the cake from Uncle Jason and Aunt Tracie and even shared the dessert with the rest of us.

We had warned him that he would be hard pressed to find time and a place to play with his Legos. He found a time and a place.

Johannah, the kids' 20-month-old cousin, really enjoyed playing with Julia and Finn. Finn would hide from her and then pop out and she would giggle and act really surprised. It may have been mildly adorable.

It was an overcast, dreary day, but we got outside with Johannah and the kids blew bubbles and did some sidewalk chalk.

We followed it up with a walk around the block.

Julia really wanted to take the train downtown, so the four of us did that. We had lunch and then walked to Millennium Park. The kids had been there before, but it's always fun to check out "the bean" again.

Finn insisted on posing as a statue.

Chicago has been a fun destination for us. With Jason and Tracie moving this summer, we probably won't get back there as much. We just may have to follow them to Atlanta as another place for us to visit and explore.