Saturday, July 11, 2009

A dog, a bee, and a kohlrabi walk into a bar...

Thankfully, Grandma Ruth's supper-cute puppy Maggie doesn't mind being handled by kids.

Feel free to make up your own comments about this one!

Now it was Finn's turn for swimming lessons. Since he's still a wee tot, he gets to be in a parent-child class. It was harder for me than it was last summer with Julia because Julia was a year older and could touch the bottom easily. Finn can't and needs to be held the whole time. He enjoyed it, for the most part.

The last week of the two weeks, Julia came in the water too. I was very proud of her because she practiced putting her face in the water and by the end of Finn's lessons, she had made vast improvements.

Do you remember this picture from earlier this summer? Julia painted bee boxes for my dad and here's the proof that they got put to use!
Here are the little ladies being a little more active.

Our little garden in the backyard is providing us with a lot of food. We've been eating vegetables from it three or more times a week. Julia poses here with a kohlrabi (which I love).

Julia's little strawberry plant has produced two strawberries so far. And they've quickly been gobbled up by her.

Here's a big haul that we all helped pick: peas, zucchini, and one squash.