Sunday, August 22, 2010

August, 2010

We've had a really busy August. We went to Chicago earlier in the month to celebrate Julia's birthday by going to Shrek the Musical.

We stayed with Jason and Tracie while in the city and they took us to Millennium Park. The Bean, as it's called, was really cool. I especially liked the way the Chicago skyline looked in the reflected surface.

While walking around downtown, we stopped and watched a few street performers. One was a man dressed and painted in silver. He stood or sat completely still like a statue but once in awhile would move and do something funny. Mandy told Finn to go sit by the statue and he didn't think twice about it. A bunch of people were watching him do it and he had no idea why he was getting all the attention. When he looked over at Mandy while sitting right next to the guy, the man turned his head to look right at Finn. Finn turned back, saw him, and made a horribly frightened face and ran back to Mandy. I got a picture of him sitting there, but I wasn't ready for the next part. Finn was a little leery of being so brave after that.

After playing outside in puddles, Skippy does her best drowned rat (or maybe fox) impression.

As rough as he sometimes is with her, I'm surprised at how much Skippy still snuggles up to Finn.