Sunday, May 19, 2013

May we grow

Finn's bedtime ritual still includes books, but we've transitioned to him reading us one and then a parent reading him one. I'm excited for Finn to experience that sudden burst of reading knowledge where he'll be looking at all the words around him with a new found understanding.

Julia's growing musically: She's started taking piano lessons along with her guitar lessons.

Finn had a party for this 6th birthday a few weeks ago - his first with friends over. I was a little shocked how exhausting four six-year-olds could be! But all the boys had a great time.

The kids seem to drop peace signs whenever a camera's near. I think Julia picked it up from school and passed it on to her brother.
While dancing in the living room:

Before a picture for their school concert:

Exploring a large drainage tunnel while on a hike:

The hike was on some of the university's trails that the kids hadn't been on. We found some milkweed seeds that needed help spreading.

The trails butted up to the back of one of UWRF's lab farms. We took the opportunity to see the horses up close. Some curious foals came running over to get a look at us too.