Sunday, June 9, 2013

Things with Strings and Summer Plans

The kids got an afternoon Grandma and Grandpa visit at the end of May. It was a cool, windy day and Finn remembered his kite in the garage. So Julia, Finn, my dad, and I went to the park to fly the kite (and Julia brought the basketball).

Julia was getting a good workout until we reminded her she didn't need to keep running the whole time; it was the wind's job to keep the kite aloft once airborne.

The ol' feller took a turn flying too. I took a turn as well, but being the guy with the camera, I didn't get my picture taken.

Though Julia had to fight against the wind pushing her shots, she still showed Grandpa Dayton her b-ball skills.

Last weekend we took advantage of free fishing in Wisconsin and I took Finn fishing for the first time. We were at Willow River State Park. The weather was less than ideal, but he had a pretty good time even without catching anything.

This summer should bring some fun times. We're starting off with a trip to California, splitting our time between Anaheim and San Diego. Finn has T-ball. Both kids will have swimming lessons and a fun summer school class. Julia will be going to Camp Courage for a week for the second year in a row. I'm sure we'll make a few trips to central WI too and a few other adventures around western WI.