Monday, December 29, 2014

In Before 2015

Because I dragged my feet on getting last summer's vacation pictures posted, I'm now in that familiar place of playing catch up. So here goes...catch up lightening round - GO!

Julia turned double digits in August!

She posed with her cake and ate it too!

Finn was also allowed to fill his face with cake!

First day of school: Julia in 5th grade, Finn in 2nd!


Llamas wearing scarves!

Pre-season Packers game with the family!

Regular season Packers game with my parents and brother!

Finn finishing lunch and working on violin music.

Finn making scrambled eggs!

Halloween costumers: Julia a Gryffindor wizard and Finn a shadow!

Playing Settler of Catan with Grandpa Dayton!

Bathroom hijinks with a stolen camera!

Standard autumn hiking picture!

Flitting with butterflies at the Science Museum!

Finn controlling a T-rex!

Makin' a list...!

The kids with Great-Grandma Laverne!