Saturday, December 4, 2010

Time to relax?

I wanted to take another opportunity to say thank you to everyone who has been caring for us. That word takes on so many different meanings at this point... caring thoughts, caring words, caring gestures, caring actions, and the list goes on.

I struggle so much to figure out how to say thank you. Is it okay just to say that words simply aren't able to describe how it feels to be so cared for? I'm sure that others who have been through similar life-changing moments totally understand what this feels like - an overwhelmingly beautiful feeling of gratefulness. People always assume that news like this will never touch their family or someone they love. When you really think about it though, you just need to be strong and continue forward.

It's especially interesting, I think, on the weekends when there is more time to "relax" and get away from your regular routine. I really used to love that chance to just take it easy, but now it's tough. Feeling exhausted and having an opportunity for thoughts to wander, that don't typically have time to cross your mind when you stay busy. Don't get me wrong - I totally need time to relax. It's just that relaxing just isn't the same as it used to be.

On a happier note, Finn and I made cookies today! I wasn't planning to do any holiday baking this year. However, the book club that I'm part of is doing a cookie exchange on Monday. This definitely suits the theme of the evening, since the book is called "The Christmas Cookie Club." I rarely attend book club without having the book finished, but Monday might just have to be one of those rare occasions! Enjoy the cookies, book club friends! (They definitely aren't beautiful cookies, but they have a special story behind them!) For those of you who don't get a taste, here are a few pictures of our creation.