Sunday, February 27, 2011

Musical - Now with all new video!

This past Thursday and Friday evenings, Westside Elementary School's annual musical took place. The musical was a compilation of songs from the musicals they had performed over the past twenty years. Julia was in the Rainbow Connection number from The Muppet Movie

Even though it was an exhausting two days, Julia really enjoyed the experience. She was all smiles and talking non-stop about it. Julia was also fortunate to have her grandparents drive over to see her performance: Duane and Beth came for the Thursday night show and Dayton and Colleen came for the Friday night one.

Here is the video from the 2nd performance. It starts with the readers giving some background about the piece and then the singing. Julia is on the end of the front row.

At the end of the show, they brought all the performers back up on stage. This is a video of Julia walking up to the stage for the final ovation. She's being accompanied by her best bud, Jane. The video starts out dark, but soon Julia's bright green hat can be seen going down the steps toward the stage.

Julia's white blood cell counts were completely fine on Thursday. She has chemo tomorrow and we're very curious to see her counts. Without another benchmark, we don't know if the number they were at on Thursday was what her body had leveled off at or if they were continuing to plummet from their medicinally artificially inflated high point from the week before. We're also very anxious to see what Julia's weight is at. She's been eating quite well and been getting the extra 650-700 calories each night via her feeding tube. I don't see how she can't have gained some weight.

After tomorrow's chemo, Julia will have three weeks off before a five-day, fun-filled, chemo-tastic hospital stay. If all continues to go as planned, we'll be in the home stretch of the last few months of treatment. It feels really good having an end in sight. The flip side is that, at this point, I can't even imagine a setback that pushes dates back. I'm very ready for this to be done.