Saturday, August 31, 2013

Summertime - Part 1

When we want to go for a hike, but don't want to go far, we can always choose the trails at UWRF.
A quick lunch before we got going.

Fortunate to see the herd of horses out and about.

Random sprinklers cooled off the kids.

Finished up with grabbing at fish in the South Fork.

We had numerous summertime activities going on to keep us and the kids busy.

Swimming lessons seem to be a staple.

Having a nearby park to ride 'round and around.

Acrobatics on playgrounds.

Strawberry pickin' and the subsequent pies.

Visits from friends and the little ones that come along looking up to the older kids.

Julia was thrilled to be able to go back to Camp Courage for a 2nd year. She had another great time and came back with many fewer bug bites than last time.

Finn had his first experience with tee-ball. He enjoyed the games, the friends, and the snacks afterward.

At bat.

Running the bases.


At a regularly scheduled appointment at Children's Hospital, Julia fulfilled a promise and brought her guitar along.

Erin, the musical therapist, had wanted to play with Julia - so they finally got to!

A zoo outing seemed to have a lot of focus on funny faces with animals that weren't really alive.