Thursday, May 5, 2011

Chillin' at Children's: Day 4

Today Finn had his four year wellness checkup. He did really well, answered the dr's questions, did a vision test, etc. He's holding steady in the 75th percentile for size and the 99th percentile for cuteness. The asked him if he could draw a circle on a piece of paper and he refused. I prodded him a bit - he wouldn't budge, but he said he would write his name instead. He wrote Fnn, realized he missed the I, then wrote it above the Fnn. He dotted it with a little circle, so the dr got the shape she wanted anyway.

Afterward we went out for pizza to Luigi's. The plan was Mexican but I forgot it was Cinco de Mayo and that must have been why there was a long wait at Mariachi Loco. It turned out fine, since we hadn't been to Luigi's in awhile and the food was good.

Mandy was at Children's today, so I don't have any firsthand information, but I do have a few things I can relay. Julia had a good day again today. Her stuffy nose isn't as bad and her urine is still blood-free. Would it be TMI to let everyone know that any fears of constipation (which has happened in the past and NOT been fun) are over, too?!

She had some extended physical therapy today consisting of doing laps around the halls as many times as she could for six minutes. It looks like we'll be slowly weaning her off of her leg braces. She'll move down from wearing them 23 hours a day to having them off during the evenings at home. That'll be nice and hopefully helpful for others down the road. Julia is part of a clinical study to see if PT during chemo can help so that significantly less PT is needed after chemo.

The Kauth ladies should be returning from Children's sometime on Friday afternoon. Julia will actually be finished with chemo Friday morning around 6:30, but they want her to stick around for awhile to be on IV fluids to help flush the drugs through her body so as to not damage her kidneys.

Below is a set of pictures of Julia that I took last Saturday. That girl ain't sick, she's just a kid living her life.

If you open each picture in a different tab, you can cycle through them and get a neat flip-book type of effect.