Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Chillin' at Children's: Day 3

Today was the big switch off. This afternoon Amanda came from work to Children's and I headed home. She'll handle the last half of the week and hopefully come home with our oldest child Friday morning. I bet Julia wishes she could have a buddy to switch off with too...

Speaking for the portion I was there for, Julia's day went really well. It started off with a GIANT taco for breakfast. She ate nearly the whole thing and really liked it.

Julia spent a good portion of her day in the play room. She was doing art all morning and then this afternoon she participated in one of the many art projects that volunteers help with. She really was happy - the below picture was when I said, "Hey, Julia," and snapped it before she had a chance to smile. The volunteers helping were impressed by Julia's high concentration level and her use of patterns.

Julia ended up playing a lot today with one particular girl that she met in the playroom (and she was in the hospital room right next door to Julia). She was kind of the opposite personality of Julia (100% outgoing, super talkative, no fear) and it was fun to see them interacting. When I left this afternoon they were still in the playroom and making pretend meals in the toy kitchen. One of the nurses said that she and a few others said how cute the two were together and that they ought to be the face of Children's.

I talked to Amanda briefly a short while ago and the evening has gone well so far. I'm sure Julia will be up a fair amount again during the night to use the bathroom, but otherwise I'm expecting no issues.