Monday, January 10, 2011

Expect the Expected

I wanted to update people with today's happenings. And since it's only still Monday for another ten minutes (which doesn't bode well for me trying to get to bed earlier these days), I better get moving!

Well actually, I guess I'll back up a few days first. We got Julia's blood tested on Thursday and her counters were low, low, low. We decided to keep her home from school on Friday and just let her rest. This weekend she was really exhausted, but we had a nice weekend just hanging out.

This morning was the normal weekly chemo appointment and blood testing. Unlike the last ones, these were high, high, high! So that means no more daily G-CSF injections (at least for now). I was very pleased when they removed the little catheter from her arm.

Julia's blood counts are expected to drop somewhat from their artificially inflated numbers from the injections, but are not expected to drop to as low as they were. If those expectations occur as expected we are expecting to start another five-day, expectation-filled, chemo hospital adventure next Monday (they'll be expecting us).