Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kictures of Pids!

Julia and Finn usually play well together - here are some pictures of those times. I don't take pictures of the times they're not playing so nice together. During those instances, I'm usually rocking back and forth in the corner, muttering to myself.

Finn is starting to get interested in using the toilet. He wants to try it, but once he gets up there, he gets scared and wants to get down. He does the same thing with his little potty chair too. I'm not sure what his problem is, I told him I was joking about there being flesh-eating monsters that feed on children's hindparts while they sit on the toilet. Whatever.

Julia recently had another dance recital. Here she is posing and then amongst the other dancers.

We stayed home for Easter this year and had my parents and brother come to visit us. It was nice being the hosts! Julia got to color eggs and the next day she really enjoyed eating them.

We hid 52 plastic eggs for the kids to find. They had been practicing for about a month, so they were pros by the time they did the real thing.

Grandpa Dayton assisted Julia with a new puzzle.

Pretty good lookin' for an old timer. My mom looks pretty good too!

And here she is again posing with the almost two-year-old, Finn.

The kids got all prettied up on Easter morning. I was just wearing a nice shirt and jeans and I asked Julia if I was dressed up enough. She replied, "Dad, you look like a prince!" I felt fine after that.

Mandy and I were excited that we rearranged our bedroom to fit in a reading chair. If you've never seen our room this might not mean much, but if you have, the chair is sitting where the dresser was. Picture here.