Sunday, June 5, 2011

To All that's Pure, that's in Your Heart

Finn has always been stubborn. I'm sure I've said that before. When he gets something in his head, it's difficult to convince him of anything else (I'm still proud of myself for once evading a screaming fit when, just as he got to the point of no return, I started crawling around and sniffing at him like a puppy. After a few seconds, his fowl mood was forgotten and replaced with a fun game.). This can be especially tough at bedtime, when besides his stubbornness, we're also dealing with tiredness. He also has a habit of asking for one more drink, book, snuggle, or anything else he can think of. I'm sure we're the first parents who have dealt with that scenario.

A week or two ago, Finn got it into his head that he likes lullabies at bedtime. He usually wants Mommy to put him to bed, so after Amanda has done that, she comes out and tells me that Finn wants me to tell him goodnight too. I go in, tell him goodnight and kiss his face and then he asks for a lullaby. So I make up a little song about him playing, having a good day, being tired, and closing his eyes and resting. It's really amazing because the boy who will find any excuse to hold off bedtime, closes his eyes as soon as I start to sing. While I'm singing, he looks really peaceful and sometimes even yawns. His whole body seems to relax a little bit. He keeps his eyes closed the entire time and doesn't respond or open them while I tell him farewell and goodnight one last time before leaving the room.

I hope he doesn't grow out of this ritual anytime soon.