Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Upcoming Scans

On Tuesday we'll be spending the day at Children's Hospital. Julia's got scans, PT, and hopefully taking her Mic-Key button out. I've been trying not to think about it too much, but over the last few weeks, that's been difficult. After the scan is over and we've gotten the good news, Amanda and I will be relieved and then we can start worrying about the next one.

We're hoping to make it through Tuesday without a hitch so that we can focus on our vacation coming up in a few weeks. Julia's Make-A-Wish trip is nearly upon us. We're all excited to head to Orlando for a week! We'll be meeting again with Julia's wish granters next weekend to get all of our final details squared away. We'll be staying at the Give Kids the World resort. It's equipped for those kids who aren't medically well enough to be out and about to be able to have a great time on-site. Since Julia doesn't fall into that category, we'll be able to visit all the nearby theme parks as well as enjoy the activities they offer.

Julia's hurt arm was mentioned in an earlier blog post. All seems fine with it - nothing broken and it isn't bothering her at all now.

She also got a nice compliment from her guitar instructor at this week's lesson. He could definitely see improvement.

The kids decided to build Skippy a fort earlier today. It ended up quite elaborate and this evening the dog actually crawled in and laid down in it. Here's a picture of the early stages.

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Dad Jug said...

Thanks for the updates -- I love all of you! - Gr. Duane