Sunday, September 18, 2011

School Days, Strumming, and Splints

The kids started school a few weeks ago. That's right, even the little guy is getting in on the education action. Julia's in 2nd grade and Finn has started pre-school at UWRF. Things are going well so far.

After her birthday, Julia started taking guitar lessons. She was really excited about starting and she has her lesson once a week. She sometimes needs to be prodded to practice, but it's clear she's picking it up when she talks about what she's learned or showing the chords and notes she knows.

Julia went to a gymnastics birthday party on Saturday. She had a fun time until she fell off of a piece of equipment and hurt her arm by her elbow. After an hour or so, she was still in a lot of pain so Amanda took her to the ER. The x-ray looked negative for any breaks or fractures so she left in a splint and sling. She'll need to be seen in a few days and possibly x-rayed again to make sure it all looks ok. She hasn't had much pain at all today, so that's a good sign.

We're also staying plenty busy with dance classes, girl scouts, etc.

There would be more pictures of Finn, but he usually goes in the other direction if he knows the photo is being taken.

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c said...

Dear Julia, I saw the picture of you and your scarf! I miss seeing you, at childrens. I'm sorry your arm is in a splint. I hope it feels better. Maybe someday we could meet somewhere and you could teach me how to play guitar.
I have my own I just don't know how to use it!
With love,