Monday, January 24, 2011

Pot Hole

When we came home from hospital on Friday, Julia's blood counts were very low. On Saturday, we started more daily G-CSF injections to bring them back up.

We started running into some issues even before the Monday chemo appointment. Finn was up in the early morning hours throwing up and with a fever. That meant I stayed home with him while Mandy took Julia to her appointment. Our oncologist felt that Julia's weight isn't stabilizing enough so she wants her to take an appetite stimulant. The problem is that Julia still won't allow herself to take medication very well, and that really won't cut it for this one. This medication only starts to work after it builds itself up and so missed doses would set it back. That means when she spits half of it out or throws up after swallowing it, that dose (and the ones after it for awhile) won't be doing a damn bit of good. Tonight was supposed to be the first dose. Julia ate a good supper and then got herself so worked up from the idea of the medicine that she threw up. The equivalent of skipping a meal is kind of the opposite of what we are going for. She's so exhausted we're not going to fight, but just send her to bed and try again tomorrow.

If this doesn't work, the next option is to have a tube put into her to allow us to give her nutrition directly into her stomach. At this point, I'm feeling resigned that that's the route we'll end up - surgery number four. We already have a consult appointment set up for Thursday with the gastro people to see what's what.

Along with the extra appointment Thursday, instead of getting blood work done at the RF clinic, we'll be going back into Children's because the Dr. was pretty sure that Julia would need a blood platelet transfusion (different from the regular blood transfusion she had last week).

Finn ate a decent supper and his fever is now low grade, so here's hoping that we're over that minor hurdle and that the rest of us don't get that little stomach bug.

I can safely say that today has been the most stressful day I've had over the last couple of months.

No comments on this one, I don't feel like advice and I'm assuming anyone reading has well-wishes, so we'll leave them implied.