Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I told myself I was too tired to post something tonight, but then I started thinking about everyone who is thinking about us. You convinced me... I'll write! Julia is still awake at this late hour. Great. But she's eating some ice cream, so thats good news. Sure wish I could eat ice cream before bed and be praised for doing it and then be offered another bowl-ful!

Julia's day has been pretty good. We're starting to wonder if she's getting enough fluids. She has shown signs of dehydration. Our nurse this evening, Amanda(!), is keeping a close eye on her blood pressure because it was pretty low the last time they took it. We're hoping that getting more fluids in her will help with that.

We had a few visitors today and that was really special. It sure makes the day go faster. Thanks to those of you who traveled over here. I think that it's nice a couple times a week.

Julia has been in good spirits most of the week. There seem to be more frequent emotional times lately though where I think she starts feeling really overwhelmed all of a sudden. Maybe it has something to do with how things are getting more challenging or maybe that she's just as tired of all of this extra commotion in life as we are.

One other important thing to note before the end of Day 3... Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband, Torey! We all love you!!! I'm sure that all of our blog readers are looking forward to your next post. I feel like I'm rambling and you are so poetic. Thanks for everything you are doing for our family and I hope you enjoyed that pecan pie! (In fact, Julia and I are really hoping that you saved a slice for us!)


Torey said...

Well my b-day was as good as could be expected with me being at home while my wife and daughter are at the hospital.

Thanks for picking up the blog slack when I'm not staying on top of it! :)

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry about Torey & Finn. They ate well Wednesday night, Mexican, and the pie was ok (pie is not my specialty, so it was a frozen pecan pie). Although we missed Amanda, Julia, and Grandpa Duane at Mariachi Loco, we enjoyed a great meal. As always, Love and Prayers to all, Grandma Beth