Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Two Weeks Ago

I just realized that two weeks ago and a few hours ago was when Julia was recovering from surgery and we got the cancer news. (I still don't like saying or typing that word. It makes me want to spit.) It doesn't feel like two weeks, it feels like a lifetime.

The radiation and chemo treatments on Monday went fine, aside from Julia taking her sweet ol' time downing her meds in the morning and making us almost late. Julia had nary a side effect, but was pretty tired so we kept her home from school.

Today was a busy day. Julia had radiation in the morning and went straight to school afterward. This was her first time going back out for recess today. She had been staying in because of surgery recovery, but her incision hasn't bothered her in quite a long time now. In fact, the bandage should be falling off any day now. I find it interesting that it's still the same one that was put on when the surgery was done - it's never been changed or even peaked into and that was fourteen days ago. I'm very curious to see exactly how long the little pink scar is going to be. My guess is 3.5 inches.

The other excitement of the day was Julia and Finn's dance recital. Julia had missed four of the last five dance classes, out of a total of ten and so we left it up to her if she felt comfortable up on stage. She was all about doing it and so she gave it a go and had a good time. I've got some videos of the kids' performances, but it always takes longer than I think to upload them and I started it later than I had realized. So...I'll post the videos when I can.

While Finn and Julia don't always get along, here is proof that they can play nice together:


Jagoda said...

Looks like those kids never get in fights! Glad to things are continuing to go well. Hope you all have a great holiday and I'll make sure to call when I can during our travels to CA. Bye and love always.
- Uncle Jason

Duane said...

As always...Thanks for the updates! I cannot wait to see the video and photos of the dance recital. ~ Life's blessings! ~ Gr. Duane

Elizabeth said...

I love seeing the picture of them playing together. I am already encountering lots of fighting between Laura and Warren. There are times they play together, but some days it seems like more fighting than anything.
-Liz Rust