Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Promised Video Followup

In the last post I talked about the kids' dance recital. Here are the videos. Julia's two songs are first. To see larger versions of each video, click on the video one time after it starts playing.

In Finn's first one, a girl needed a drink of water after they started, in case you were wondering what the hullabaloo was all about.


Anonymous said...

they both did a fantastic job!! I was laughing so hard at Finn's dinosaur piece. How cute. Tell them to keep up the good work. Love to all. Grandma Colleen

Anonymous said...

They were just as great as seeing them the first time. Love, Grandma Beth

Anonymous said...

Too cute!! Both Julia and Finn have a natural rhythm! Great job, thanks for sharing :).


Anonymous said...

Wonderful job Julia and Finn!! Very cute!! We hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and hope you see you all at Christmas. Julia, keep up the great work with your treatments--we pray for your full recovery every day! See you all soon.

Michelle, Trampas and Kody