Friday, November 12, 2010

The Firetruck

On the day of Julia's kidney surgery, Finn went to Dawn and Jamie's house for the evening. As I was headed home from the hospital, Dawn brought Finn home to put him to bed. When they arrived at home, there was a giant toy firetruck on the front steps.

"Is this your firetruck, Finn?" Dawn asked him.

"No..." he said, "But maybe someone wants me to have it?" He does this cute thing where his voice gets higher at the end when he's asking a question. So if you can hear those words in the little Finny voice, it's even cuter.

He loves his new firetruck. I'm assuming it was left on purpose. There wasn't a note on it, so we don't know who left it. We would love to say thank you to whoever did, but if they want it anonymous, that's cool.

It was neat because it brought a huge smile and a laugh when Dawn told me the story and some more the next day when I told the story to Mandy at the hospital.


Anonymous said...

those are the types of feel good stories you like to hear in these hard times. Thank you to the donor. Grandma Colleen

Anonymous said...

God works in mysterious ways. He is doing things that help ease the moment. Thanks! Love, Grandma Beth