Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Squeezing in one for the month

After a flurry of posts recounting our trip to Portland, I think I've been blogged out these past six weeks. But even though I wasn't keeping up with it here, things were still happening.

Julia lost her first tooth! There's a new one growing in and a few more are loose too.

Julia turned five! She got to celebrate in several different ways:
With her family and a cake that she decorated herself.

With friends at a party at our house.

And with grandparents hundreds of miles away by utilizing some fun technology.

Julia started kindergarten!

It isn't all about Julia! though, sometimes things happen with Finn too. Like when Amanda has to work late and I get, the pleasure of spending the evening with the kids. Their palates aren't sophisticated enough yet to know how crappy TV dinners are.

When their parents were unresponsive to their cries of hunger, the children took it upon themselves to snackify themselves with fortune cookies that they found in the cupboard. I'm sure I asked Julia what her pile of fortunes said and I'm sure she said, "Dad. You know I can't read yet."

Finn loves to decorate himself in stickers!

Finn's new Cookie Monster jacket!

Finn lounging and looking at Dora books!

I'll leave you with a picture I took of a honey bee collecting pollen in our garden. Check out the full pollen basket! Luckily she didn't mind me being all up in her buzziness.

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Awesome as usual