Sunday, August 16, 2009

Portland 2009 - Addendum: What about Finn?

While Mandy, Julia, and I were out gallivanting around the west coast, what the heck was Finn up to? I'm sure this was on everyone's mind, so let's see what the answer is.

He stayed with Mandy's parents the first few days. He paid a visit to some relatives and their pets. Finn-sized dogs Maggie and Sammie were fun for him to hang out with.

A zoo animal is more of a community pet, but they're fun to be around too.

And you gotta take some time to slide, slide, slide!

And sometimes when you help take care of a friendly animal... get something wonderful in return.

The last few days of his family's absence were spent with my parents. Here are Grandpa Dayton and Finn stretching out on the floor.

And then...Finn attack!

Grandma Colleen is a good book reader.

And if she doesn't do it right, Finn'll head lock her til she does!

Upon having his family all back together, Finn called out, "Check it out people, Grandpa Dayton doubles as a pack animal!" (And apparently the new hip is working out just fine!)

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Anonymous said...

I've really enjoyed your "Portland 2009" series! The pictures are spectacular, looks like fun was had by all. Meeting Finn for the first time in person was a pleasure, too.