Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Diary of a Single Father - Day 0

Dear Diary,
My wife is leaving me. She says she'll be back and I have no reason to doubt her, but... I just don't know. She's gone to this same school counseling conference the last few years and every time she's taken the kids with her (or just the one, before the other one was born) and every time she's come back. But this time feels different. Now she's going and leaving me with both children. Two of them. With me. For three days. Both kids. Right now she's asleep on the couch. Resting up for her big first day of three away from home, sans family. I'm still awake at three-quarters of an hour until midnight, fretting over what tomorrow will bring, hoping against all that is good in this world that I'll somehow prevail against the forces acting against me, the forces that I will stand against, solely, on the morrow. I fear I will have a restless slumber tonight, dreaming of small hands temporarily idle, awaiting to be used as the devil's tools. I, as the angel of their existence, must not cower before them. I shall keep my head high and my spirits aloft. I tell myself these things, Diary, but do I believe them? When the hour arrives for me to show proof of such strength, will said spirits be there when I need them? Will my constitution hold or will I be shivering in the corner, harboring my soul from the terrors that await it. This, dearest Dairy, is the question that I'll be faced with sooner than I would care to imagine.


Amanda said...

Torey, I promise you that I'll come back! Thanks for keeping the kids for me... I love you!

Anonymous said...

if she doesn't come back, you still will have 2 dependents!! After 3 days alone with your 2 tax deductions, your entry in your diary won't be so flowery. Your dependents Grandpa Dayton

Anonymous said...

Torey -- What a blog! By the way, Grandma Beth and I missed Tracie and you this evening while we dined at Bernard's in Stevens Point with Amanda and Jason.

By the way, the food and bottle of wine was great! Hope you can say the same with the menu shared this past evening with Ms. Julia and Master Finn.

Take care of those grandkids -- and before I forget to mention it ---- Thanks! ~ Grandpa Duane.