Saturday, September 13, 2008

Summer's End

Darkness is coming earlier in the evening and sticking around longer in the mornings. The air is cooling and the first hints of leaves changing colors can be seen. Julia is starting pre-school again, Amanda is immersed in her new job, and students are back at the university. Summer is coming to an end and good riddance, I say. Don't get me wrong, I like summer, I like all the seasons, but by the time they've hung around for a few months, I'm ready to see what the next one has to offer up.

Here are some snapshots of some late summertime activities we partook in. From swimming lessons to eating watermelon, opening presents at a summer birthday to relaxing on a hammock, and finally - face painting at an art festival.


Torey said...

Here's a Julia quote for those who click to read the comments...

A few weeks ago Julia and I were playing pirates and I was the captain. At one point I exclaimed, "Arrr, Matey! Go swab the poop deck!"
Julia promptly replied with, "No, I don't have to, it's clean. I swabbed it with a cool, clean washcloth a little bit ago."

Anonymous said...

I always love seeing the updates here. The kids are growing by leaps and bounds. Lol at Julia's reply to swabbing the deck!