Saturday, September 29, 2007

Tough Love

NOTE: The following post is dripping with sarcasm.

There seems to be other babies who are meeting their milestones a little faster than Finn. Because we're good parents, that's not acceptable to us. We've developed a new outlook that requires some more effort on the part of Finn. If he succeeds, great, not only will he have accomplished something, but it'll build his self confidence - and it's never too early to start building self confidence. If he doesn't succeed...well, he's young, he'll have countless hours over the course of many days and weeks to keep practicing and to learn how to deal with failure. Below is a sequence of pictures to illustrate an example of how our new idea works. In this particular instance, Finn is being pressured encouraged to learn how to stand on his own.

Disclaimer: No babies were harmed or even upset during the making of this post.


Caring Grandma Colleen said...

I'm coming to RF to rescue my grandson from the abusiveness of his father! What a tyrant!!! Watch out!!

Offended Torey said...

That's Mandy in the picture - not me!

And speaking of rescuing, I think I need it...the other night at supper, Finn peed on me! On me! During supper! After consulting Julia, I decided it was best just to clean it up rather than trying the approach of "what goes around comes around." That was big of me...right?

your loving mother said...

That was very BIG of you. I'm glad you consulted Julia. The previous comments were to you because you wrote the comment. Dah!!!