Sunday, September 23, 2007

Apple Fest 2007!

This is the third year now that we've gone to the Apple Festival at Circle K Orchard near River Falls. They have apple picking, great food, a petting zoo, and some extra games for the kids. Below are three pictures of Julia picking apples - the first from 2005 after just turning one, the second from 2006, when she was two, and the third one from yesterday, now three years old.

Finn wanted to get in on the apple picking action too.

Mandy and I got to pose with one child after we finished eating lunch (apple brats, buffalo burgers, corn on cob... Tasty!).

Julia really enjoyed going on a pony ride. When we left she waved a big good-bye to Bullet, the pony she rode on.

One of the games they had was one of those big air filled castles that kids can jump around in. Julia gave it a try and had fun. Here's a video of her experience. It's shot through mesh, so that's why it's a little funny looking.


Grandma Colleen said...

I love the pics and video. Keep em coming!!! The comparison of Julia is great. Finn sure is growing. He has less hair since the last time I saw him! Love you all.

Grandma Colleen's son said...

He may appear to have less hair in the pictures, but actually, the opposite is true. He's already had four haircuts since his birth. The previous sentence is false.

I'll sign this the way Julia talks...