Sunday, August 10, 2014


When Julia and Finn's newest cousin, Claire, was born recently, their total number of cousins doubled! That's quite the accomplishment for a baby. Our families don't live close, so it's always a treat when the kids get to see each other.

Even with the distance, it's great to see how quickly the kids take to each other.

Being the new girl, Claire obviously got a lot of oooh'inh and ahhh'ing attention from Julia and Finn.

Julia attempted to help get her baby cousin dressed after a diaper change.

Even at meal times, they were close.

Finn showed Johannah how to really eat a piece of pizza - the bigger, the better!

The three oldest did things outside the house too: At the zoo the three fed animals together.

There are some things that a baby just doesn't get to do. Walking to the park with her cousins is one of them.

Julia and Finn gave Johanna plenty of attention once they got to the park.

Though they don't live near to each other, the kids always make the best of what time they do get to spend together.


Mom said...

Awesome post. Love all of the cousin time. Grandpa and Grandma definitely loved having all of their grandchildren and children together. It is fun watching you all interact. Love all of you, Grandma Beth

Jagoda said...

Johannah says..."Again?"

Hopefully soon. Thanks for the post Uncle Torey.

Susan Bernhardt said...

Beautiful family photos. And your nature photos, Torey are outstanding.